Purple Haze Dazzle Bot Cell Phone Charm

$29.95 $24.95

Protect yourself from your screen time with Far Infrared energy. Our patented far infrared technology protects from blue light damage and EMF while accessorizing your phone.

Our emissive Far Infrared (FIR) crystal jewelry is handcrafted in the USA and is available in various carat weights. We have jewelry for men, women, and children. Our phone charms are available in a variety of designs and gemstone alternatives. This cell phone charm has 106.7 carats of emissive FIR glass which has been designed to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and is decorated with iridescent mermaid beads, flowers, pearls, and a cannabis and mushroom charm. Radiant energy constantly being released by your body, is absorbed by the charm, pushing far-infrared bands of energy from the charm out to the body. The charged charm will remain energized for up to 2 years unless microwaved.

Disclaimer: These phone charms are a jewelry accessory and are not infallible to breakage under rough conditions. They are not meant to protect your phone from exterior damage or to dangle your phone. We do not not accept returns for broken charms. We guarantee the quality of workmanship of each item, not the jewelry's indestructibility. 

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