The Ning

Strawberry Cough is a very strong sativa blend that has mystery genetics. It is named for its fresh strawberry scent mixed with skunky undertones and its ability to make even the most seasoned user cough. Strawberry Cough terpenes are sure to grab your attention with its uplifting, euphoric effects.

This product is THC-free.

Every day we breathe over 23,000 times, flooding our brain with up to 10,000 different scent molecules. Science has uncovered very specific natural, plant-based scent molecules called terpenes which work by activating receptor groups in the ventromedial hypothalamus.

How to use: Place onto the septum of the nose (wear like a septum nose ring.) Breathe as normal. You can wear the Ning for 4-6 hours. Use one Ning daily at full strength or use one for 2 or more days reactivating them in the special terpene envelope provided.

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