Herbie from SolRay™


Herbie has the far, far infrared power and its ability to keep cannabis flower fresh--whether it be marijuana or hemp flower.

Herbie, a laboratory tested, scientifically proven far, far infrared emissive device marketed to prolong the shelf life of your cannabis bud. Cannabis stored with Herbie has been shown to keep flower significantly fresher longer, burn better, hold its potency, and enhance its effects. Simply place Herbie in the bottom of a Mason Jar or airtight glass jar, close the container and let it sit in a dark cupboard. Fresh buds will cure better and may even become more powerful with Herbie at the bottom of the jar. There will also be a reduction in the growth of bacteria as well as mold and trichomes will stay more attached for a longer time. Herbie is non-toxic, environmentally safe, and a phenomenal way to help maintain freshness for your precious buds. Herbie rapidly changes the moisture in flower from a chaotic or non-coherent state to a more organized and coherent state within a few minutes.

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