Forbidden Fruit Grindz - Δ8 Laced Bubba Kush Hemp


Our premium pre-ground Grindz are Laced® Delta 8 THC made with moist Bubba Kush hemp flower which typically sells for $550 per pound across the Internet. 

Forbidden Fruit is a strain that provides very profound physical relaxation while creating a classic mental “stoned” effect. Forbidden Fruit is an interesting mix of sweet, tropical scents with hints of pine and musk. This strain is very popular for combating the physical and mental effects of stress.

Amount of Delta 8:

3.5 grams - 350+ mgs. of Delta 8

7 grams - 700+ mgs. of Delta 8

14 grams - 1400+ mgs. of Delta 8

28 grams (1 oz) - 2800+ mgs. of Delta 8

Blended Reserve 12-20% CBD


  • Calm
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
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