There are over 140 known cannabinoids in the cannabis sativa plant.  The strength and proportion of the various cannabinoids vary most generally between whether the plant being studied is cannabis sativa marijuana or cannabis sativa hemp.  Then more specifically, the cannabinoids can vary in strength and proportion depending on the strain of marijuana or the strain of hemp being focused on. 

Most people misunderstand the difference is between the Delta 8 and Delta 9 cannabinoids, both with respect to what exactly they are, their effects and the legality of obtaining them wherever you are.

First, let start with the word DELTA and the terms Delta 8 and Delta 9.   In chemistry, the word “Delta” simply means Double Carbon Bond.  Second, the number 8 or 9 refers to where exactly that double carbon bond (or Delta) occurs.  There are also other forms of THC similarly related such as Delta 10 and Delta 11.  While the exact position of the Delta in the carbon chain might seem like a very minor thing; it is not minor.  In fact, when dealing with subatomic particles in biochemistry, seemingly small differences like this, often add up to quite big changes.  In the case of cannabinoids and C1 receptors in the nervous system, big changes do occur depending on the exact position of the delta in the carbon chain.

How does the change in position of the Delta at position 8 (Delta 8) or position 9 (Delta 9) express in the effects from use of Delta 8 versus Delta 9?  First, both D8 and D9 will create positive test results for THC if you are drug tested.  Just because D8 is legal to buy outside dispensaries, please do not think that you will fly through a THC drug test when using D8.  Using D8 will result in a positive test for THC.  Most definitely.  Please keep that in mind as they are both equally powerful THC cannabinoids, and both are highly psychoactive for most people resulting in feelings of intoxication.

While there are similarities; there are also differences.  The differences are often highly individual in that different people will get different effects from both D8 and D9 forms of THC.  If we look across large groups of people, the following important statistics are reported which should help you guide your choice between using D8 and D9 THC.

Percentage of people reporting intoxicated feeling from D9 cartridges:  92%

Percentage of people reporting intoxicated feeling from D8 cartridges:  94%

This difference is not significant.  Most people using either D8 or D9 report feeling intoxicated.

Percentage of people reporting net positive effects from D9 cartridges:  72%

Percentage of people reporting net positive effects from D8 cartridges:  91%

This difference is highly significant.  D8 use results in a positive net experience nearly always for everyone, while D9 users 19% prefer to avoid vaping cartridges containing D9 THC.


Percentage of people reporting negative effects from D9 cartridges:  58%

Percentage of people reporting net positive effects from D8 cartridges:  6%

This difference is most highly significant.  D8 use has few negative side effects and seem to be most associated with minor issues such as munchies, while over half of the D9 users report negative experiences mostly focused on paranoia, loss of focus, and overeating.   


Looking at subjective reports of THC users from both D8 and D9 groups, Delta 8 appears to be less problematic with onset, meaning the high feelings come with less of an initial wallop.  Delta 8 also seems more associated with feelings of calm alertness, increased creativity, and for many, increased social responses, especially laughter. 

Although here at Delta King Pens, we are the premier manufacturer of premium Delta 8 cartridges, we are not recommending Delta 8 use over Delta 9.  We believe you should try both D8 and D9 and make your own decision.  We use BOTH here, but truthfully, we prefer the D8 for most uses, as we like to stay highly productive for long periods of time and we love to laugh.


Many people also wonder why it can be sold legally if it is true THC.  The answer to that is simple.  The 2019 Farm Bill, which is the current Federal Law, allows cannabinoids extracted from hemp to be sold, if the percentage of Delta 9 THC is below .3.  Our cartridges have 930-950 mgs. of pure Delta 8 and 0 mgs. of Delta 9.  Additionally, it is wholly hemp derived as it is a simple isomer (natural laboratory variation) of CBD, and it is totally natural and in no way synthetic.  Taken together, our Delta 8 cartridges pass the test for Federal legality.  What that really means is that your FREEDOM as an American living under the current laws of the land allow you simple, inexpensive access to an important medicinal and lifestyle cannabinoid.


One final word.  While we would enjoy and appreciate you becoming a customer of our cartridges, the most important thing to us is you being educated and having access somewhere to a quality Delta 8 product.  We wish there wasn’t a need to say this, but as with many products in life, unscrupulous marketers come along and try to exploit a popular, important product for their own gain. In the Delta 8 cartridge world, this is easy to do.  All D8 cartridges are a gram size.  In other words, there are 1,000 milligrams of oil inside.  It could be 1,000 mgs. made of 15% D8 mixed into common CBD oil, which would mean in the entire cartridge you would be getting 150 mgs. total D8.  Many we have seen are even lower, sadly.  Even if you see a COA online, make sure it is for the final cartridge and not the D8 oil which then can be cut with lower cost CBD or hemp seed oil.  When you purchase a Delta 8 cartridge from Delta 8 King Pens, you are assured of receiving a minimum of 930-950m mgs. of pure D8 oil (premium pink grade) and 50 mgs. of pure uncut cannabis strain terpenes.  Yes, there are quality differences in Delta 8 oils which do not show up on the lab tests.  The top oil is clear with a pronounced pink tint.  A great oil is clear.  It is difficult if not impossible to see this difference in your cartridges but very pronounced when looking at a liter or more of oil.


We invite you to RULE YOUR HIGH and join us in making life a lot better, happier and full of love with Delta 8 King Pen cartridges. 

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