Nano CBD : Have you been mislead? (Spoiler alert... the answer is yes)

There are hundreds of questions regarding Nano – rightfully so.  Here are some real facts regarding Nano to help answer those questions.


A nano particle is a very tiny particle.  While there is no FDA or FTC defined legal definition of Nano, science universally accepts any particle 100 nanometers or less in diameter as being true nano.

Hemp companies claiming their products are nano may be within the letter of the marketing law but not within the guidelines that science would accept as nano.  If you do not see a true Laser Backscatter Analysis proving the particle size of CBD for instance, assume the claim about nano is scientifically false.

The best nano available for hemp today in the world is a technology created and proven by the National Research Council (NRC) in Canada – the more enlightened equivalent of the National Institute of Health in the US that does not have such technology. 

With close to 50 million dollars of research, the NRC has proven with true laser backscatter - cannabinoid, terpene and various nutrient particles averaging 10 nanometers.  A particle that small can cross the blood brain barrier with far more ease.

Actual physiological experiments by the NRC and their exclusive pharma licensee in Canada, Next Remedies, Inc., has shown the effectiveness of a single milligram of THC at the 60x level and a single milligram of CBD at the 350x level.  The duration to onset of peak activity also drops from an average of 90 minutes to an average of 8 minutes.

The NRC’s nano process is the only FDA approved GRAS listed process.  Unfortunately, it is currently against Canadian Law for any Canadian company, even government ones, to ship cannabinoid products to the USA.  As a result, there are no current products marketed in the USA made with the nano which would be considered the Gold Standard.  In fact, there are currently no hemp products available for sale anywhere in the world using the approved NRC nano technology.

That is the reason why Humble Roots does not offer Nano Products in our line – yet.  We cannot do so by law and we do not wish to deceive our customers with bogus, unprovable claims of Nano.

Again, if you see the word Nano associated with any company marketing hemp, look for a certified laser backscatter analysis proving particle size.  If you do not see that readily available, assume it is not true Nano.  Do not fall for the widespread marketing scams.

We have an excellent relationship with both the NRC and Next Remedies and are working behind the scenes to create a legal pathway for the entry of their nano technology into the US market for hemp.  Until which time it becomes legal, their true nano is not available in any consumer product. The best alternative we feel to nano, presently, is the technology and practice's we employ to create the various Humble Roots Hemp products. 

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