Repeated questions regarding the color, clarity and aromatic properties of hemp oils are natural and normal as cannabis processing methods evolve into a more precise science.

Physical Inspections of Cannabis Oils by Mist Health Systems

Below is an excerpt from Mist Health Systems detailing their view on the appearance of cannabis oils. Mist Health Systems formulation team is headed by an iconic 40-year veteran of nutrition and the founder of the sports and performance nutrition. The team has multiple individual billion-dollar product formulations and over 25 billion in total brand sales for their formulations. As importantly, the team have over 100 years of vertically integrated nutritional experience including ingredient company ownership, manufacturing facility ownership as well as pioneering Federal compliance procedures. In addition to formulating the world’s finest hemp-based products, Mist Health Systems has also authored From Seed to Cell: The True Science of Cannabis®, the only completely evidence based, fully annotated cannabis specialist certification program which is in use by advanced educational entities serving 1.4 million medical professionals. Today, Mist owns biomedical research partnerships, terpene manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical companies with 5 drugs in the testing pipeline including 2 in Phase Three Clinical Trials, and one of the largest fitness science companies in the field. Mist Health writes frequently for leading cannabis media organizations such as LA Weekly, and

Color: There is no way to accurately judge a cannabis oil simply by its appearance, other than with an isolate that is basically near colorless. Excellent Full Spectrum oils can range from a light, golden honey colored oil right through a dark green, totally opaque ones. Oils cannot be chosen or appreciated by their color alone.
Smell/Taste: As with color, there is no way to accurately judge a cannabis oil simply by its smell or taste. There are many excellent full spectrum oils that are only vaguely reminiscent of cannabis, while others are quite pungent. Oils cannot be appreciated by taste/smell alone.

The problems in identifying the quality of a cannabis oil by visual inspection centers on the fact that what was true 3 years ago when oil processing was in its infancy (i.e. solvent based extractions, high heat CO2 extractions) is not true today with far more advanced pharmaceutical type extractions. In the past, the darker and more full-bodied the oil; the more entourage qualities it possessed. Today, the highest quality, most expensive oils are often less dense and pungent as additional competitive, yet unnecessary botanically useful phenolic compounds can be removed leaving the important cannabinoids, terpenes, cannaflavins, etc. completely intact. The best way to judge an oil is to look carefully at an independent lab assay of the oil. Those are available for most products sold today.


We have priced our oils very affordably for you, as we believe everyone should have access to top quality products at affordable prices. Despite our low prices, we will gladly place our oils up against anyone on the market in terms of quality. Here is an example of the care that we put into each of our oils. We have attached recent independent lab tests for our 3,000 and 1,000 oils. Here is how you would read these tests, using the 3,000 oil as an example.

Therapeutic Grade 3,000 mg. Full Spectrum CBD Oil:
Full spectrum therapeutic grade CBD oils first must have therapeutic amounts of needed cannabinoids. In the case of today’s therapeutic oils, that would equate to quantifiable levels of important therapeutic cannabinoids:

CBD: 3,572 milligrams of CBD is appreciably higher than the label listed amount of 3,000 mgs. CBD is the most important cannabinoid in a therapeutic grade CBD oil.
THC: 50 milligrams of THC is a legal (.17 by mass) yet therapeutic dose of delta9-THC. THC is the second most important cannabinoid in a therapeutic grade full spectrum CBD oil.

CBC: 48 milligrams of CBC is a powerful dose of an important therapeutic cannabinoid that is not currently available in isolate form. CBC has shown to have many important health benefits including anti-inflammatory and pain fighting qualities, neurogenerative protective benefits as well as anti-bacterial and anti-acne benefits. CBC also is anti-bacterial and is being researched as an important tumor fighting cannabinoid.

CBDV: 44 mgs. of CBDV is a super highly active therapeutic dose of a rare yet vitally important health promoting compound only available in premium, highly desirable hemp seed genetics. CBDV is especially excellent for neurological issues, including for those who suffer from conditions related to epilepsy and Dravet Syndrome and even for people with intractable neurological conditions for which conventional pharmaceutical therapies are ineffective. Further, research is showing that CBDV can dramatically reduce the gastrointestinal inflammation that characterizes many common diseases, including Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. Currently, an entire branch of medical cannabis research is being devoted to CBDV by independent researchers and large pharma companies, alike.

As you can see, our final products always contain more CBD than the label would indicate and always are formulated carefully to ensure that the user is receiving a totally safe, completely compliant product that features the best elements of the cannabinoid, terpene and cannaflavin entourage to support individual health and happiness.

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