Energy Quantified: There are many different types of “energy” surrounding us daily, both natural and man-made. The type, strength, and length of exposure to the different types of energies play key roles in the effects that energy produces on cells, smaller organisms, animals, and humans. More specifically, the energy produced by various aspects of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (ES) can be extremely negative, neutral, or highly positive. Everyday examples of the negative aspect of ES are things like high-power electrical lines, microwaves, medical radiation equipment, underground wires, etc. On the positive end of the spectrum, it has been discovered that emissivity in the totally safe Far Infrared Region (FIR) has been shown to stimulate hundreds of beneficial outcomes, including significant reductions in inflammation and oxidative stress in any water containing matter including animals and humans. 


The research on the beneficial effects of FIR on the body was originally conducted by NASA in the early 1960’s. They were focused on FIR, then called the “Stimulating Ray” by NASA scientists, as a method of improving cardiovascular performance and conditioning in astronauts. Over the years, the far infrared generating devices were engineered smaller and smaller making them more practical. An example of a smaller FIR generator is the “incubator-like” device that prematurely born and normal term infants in physical distress are placed in, to stimulate their recovery to health. Rather large or small units, the limitation of FIR generating devices has always been that they all needed a direct source of power (i.e. electricity) to work. Recently, many dedicated researchers around the globe, interested in FIR, began working with methods to store FIR into passive devices that emit emissivity, and which could be “turned on high power” by our own thermal energy. The first breakthrough was accomplished when a nanotechnology engineering company was able to create FIR emissive nano ceramic tiles which could be spun into thread to be used in making rehabilitation bandages for ankles, knees, elbows, and wrists. The second more far reaching breakthrough came when scientists were able to store FIR in water and in clear quartz crystals and unleaded glass. These two recent breakthroughs will usher in a whole new range of consumer products intended to support the physical and emotional health of users with one of the most potent beneficial technologies known to mankind – Far Infrared. 


The first question people new to this technology ask is, “what does FIR do?” The short answer is that FIR helps you to feel better physically and emotionally. Many of those experienced with passive FIR devices report a reduction in pain, anxiety, and fatigue simply by wearing or carrying a FIR device. The list of researched and reported physical and mental health benefits of FIR cover nearly every challenge to health including, but not limited to, benefits to cardio-vascular and heart disease, breathing and lung function, hormonal balancing, muscle and bone repair, reduction of both acute and chronic pain including migraine pain, kidney function, diabetes, anxiety disorders and neurological degenerative disorders. 


The second question people ask is, “how does FIR work in the body?” There is no simple answer to this but in order to limit our explanation to a single paragraph we can safely say that FIR delivers optimal electro-optical frequencies to water contained in matter, including intracellular fluids, changing the water from a “chaotic” state to a harmonized and organized state which is far more conducive to good health. Continued proximity to FIR creates an environment which scientists now recognize as superposition biochemistry (SPB). SPB stimulates enzymes to better use their subtle natural vibrations to manipulate a phenomenon called quantum mechanical tunneling which allows the enzymes to move through the normal energy barriers which slow their process in creating healthy biochemical reactions. This results in a wide range of positive biochemical and neurochemical changes including rapid decreases in oxidative stress (free radical damage), inflammation and endotoxin load. Further benefits from FIR when it penetrates and resonates in cellular and body fluid is improving microcirculation, reducing the acidity of blood, improving the oxygen supply of tissues, promoting metabolism, accelerating the decomposition of lactic acid, eliminating fatigue and enhancing immunity. 


A third question normally centers the fact that, “if FIR improves the water environment of our bodies, how did that water environment get disturbed in the first place?” I am sorry but the answer to this is more basic biophysics. You probably already know that human tissue, animals, plants, and cells are made up primarily of water. It is commonly known by physicists that water emits and absorbs oscillations that are distributed to its surroundings at faster than light speeds. Water has an immediate affinity to vibrational resonances and the unique ability to conduct this energy into the living body, plants, fruits or vegetables and even microbial cells. What this means is that as non-beneficial EMF fields bombard water containing matter, there is a negative net impact on the matter. Think about our daily life today. We are constantly surrounded and penetrated by a variety of non-beneficial EMF waves generated from cellphone signals and towers, to EMF given off by all our digital devices rather they be computers, toasters, routers, automobile components. As we approach the Internet of Things phase of our accelerated technological lives, we basically live inside a literal thick soup of EMF. While there is no evidence that leads scientists to believe that cell phones can cause brain tumors, etc. there is a huge body of science showing that individual bands of EMF can be highly destructive even immediately deadly. It stands to reason that massed exposure to less negative yet still non-beneficial EMF, given its ability to penetrate cells and cause chaotic behavior of the associated hydrogen atoms, can be part of the equation causing health degradation. Either way, we do know definitely that when FIR is exposed to water containing matter, the water can up-regulate nutrient uptake, dramatically improve microbial nourishment, provide detoxification and enhance electron transfer functions to reduce oxidative stress in the sub molecular realm. That alone demonstrates FIR’s extraordinary health benefits.

Any clear crystal, lead free glass or water can be imprinted to emit the positive FIR energy which has been demonstrated to dramatically reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and free radical damage, etc. The treated crystal or glass objects will stay active for a period of about two years while water degrades significantly by the end of the first year. Simply being close to the jewelry or handbag charms will create an environment that turns off many destructive health processes (i.e. cellular oxidation) and turns on other positive ones (i.e. anti-inflammatory prostaglandin production).


This is well-documented in the scientific literature but when it comes to the result of the results of complex technology, a picture is often better than thousands of words. Please look at this high-powered picture of a single skin cell from the hand of a patient with arthritis. The picture looks a little bit like what you might see on a hazy day when looking at the cosmos! You may recall from High School Biology that this is not what a health cell should look like. A healthy cell should have a very dense organized center (nucleus). It should not look like a pain splatter. In the picture you can also see one very faint large circular orb, that is representative of a body meant to heal a challenged cell. One faint orb is bleak evidence for the future of that arthritic cell. All if this makes perfect sense as arthritis, even when treated, remains a progressive, degenerative disease. 


This patient was given a glass bead treated to contain FIR to hold on her person for an hour. A second picture was taken of the same cell. You do not need a lot of medical training to see the obvious. In one short hour, the arthritic cell under study, completely changed. The nucleus tightened in an obvious way, beginning a return to normalcy. And the number or density of the “healing bodies” rose dramatically. FIR had stimulated their arrival to the scene to begin to naturally combat the negative consequences of the arthritis on the cell. The same things were happening to cells all over this patient’s body.   


The beneficial effects of FIR are more wide-ranging than just health benefits to humans or pets. For example, when it comes to herbs - we have a clear glass device the size of a silver dollar that dramatically improves the freshness and impact of herbal plant compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes. When it comes to plants, including herbs, fruits and vegetables, FIR assists by retaining moisture, maintaining freshness, reducing oxidation, and extending shelf life. Finally, FIR impedes the growth of pathogens such as e-coli. Studies have shown a marked reduction of over 30% in growth rates of e-coli after sitting near passive FIR emitting devices like the abovementioned glass sphere.


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