These are interesting times.  America has gone from a country of huge resistance to cannabis and THC to one of having a tolerant if not accepting attitude toward it.  One of the absolute main reasons for this change has been the incredible explosion in information regarding another of the main cannabinoids in cannabis – cannabidiol or CBD, for short.  Information and research on CBD surrounding health promotive effects and the fact that it is not only non-intoxicating but anti-intoxicating, has really focused the nation on the benefits of cannabis and gotten them to stop focusing on irrational fears.  In fact, today, there are more references in the world of cannabis for CBD than there is for THC; a shocking fact for many!  Now it is time to start talking about other cannabinoids that have positive health implications.  The first obvious choice is CBN.  

Currently, there is quite a lot of research interest in CBN as it has active anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory aspects.  It is also being studied for other active properties useful in:

·        Pain relief

·        Anti-insomnia

·        Promotes growth of bone cells

·        Antibacterial

·        Anti-convulsive

·        Appetite stimulant


Interestingly, CBDs most powerful action is its sedating effect.  Research has shown that 5 mgs. of CBN is as effective as 10 mgs. of Diazepam (Valium). 

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