Season 7

What does “Arisha” mean?
Arisha is a new brand created by pairing parts of the name Ariel and Sadie-Sha together. Arisha is a term traditionally associated with cooperative partnering, royalty, and greatness in folklore. In modern terms, Arisha represents cooperative interaction among strong, competent, socially aware women who inspire greatness. And in the larger world Arisha provides positivity, love, and leadership among all socially aware lives.

Women Owned, Minority Owned, Cannabis (Delta 8, Delta 9, CBD) and Music, a new genre DUB FUNK.
We love to EduTain you, so please listen to us when you're in your Chill Zone. We're great with a J, Bong and a Beverage. Welcome to Season 7.
Here's the latest:
Episode 84:  Historical Cannabis Conspiracies -August 25th 
Episode 83:  Cannabis Conspiracies
Episode 82:  Speak Up 
Episode 81:  Terpenes are the Future
Episode 80:  Mind Genomics
Episode 79:  The Knight Continues
Episode 78:  Re-Teach the Streetz -Project 848, Philly Streetz, Safe Banking Act
Episode 77:  Know Thyself 
Episode 76:  Freedom to Succeed
Episode 75:  Be My Own Biz
Episode 74:  Talkin' Terps feat. Chuck Science
Episode 73:  Cannabis, The God Flower feat. Herb Menhardt & Chuck Science
Episode 72:  Cannabis, the Ingredient 
Episode 71:  Glass Magic feat. Christan from Haught Flash Glass
Episode 70:  Everyday Sustainability, the entire hemp plant can be used from seeds, to making home insulation.
Episode 69:  Real vs. Fake, being an authentic person.
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