We believe in the power of cannabinoids to improve all of society - from one individual cell of a living body through the entire community. 

When ingesting a cannabinoid, the physical and emotional improvement begins when that individual cannabinoid molecule binds to a single receptor located on a cell membrane somewhere in the body.  When that cell benefits, it improves the organ to which it belongs.  When the organ improves, the person’s health optimizes.  As people feel better, they are happier and more productive.  That in turn enhances the entire community. 

Our focus at Arisha™ is at every point in this important chain.  We begin by focusing on the cannabinoids; hand selecting the hemp that makes each individual product unique and then formulating those products using methods that ensure maximal potency and bioavailability for various important functions.  Simultaneously, our focus is on each of our valued customers by making product available at highly affordable sales, running incredible sales often and providing the proper education and support so that everyone has the best chance to make simple, informed purchases of products that stand the best change for being part of their personal and health improvement programs.  Finally, we focus on the community of mankind.  For every order we receive we feed a starving child for a week, through our support of the award-winning charity FeedMyStarvingChidren.org

Currently, Arisha™ has hundreds different products on our shelves ready for immediate shipping, six days a week.  Our helpful, knowledgeable customer support staff remains working seven days a week to answer any questions or problems you may have.  We hope our efforts have resulted in a positive and always improving relationship between us.  We certainly will not stop trying to improve.  It’s in our DNA and that is perhaps why Arisha™ is in contention for two of the most prestigious awards for excellence for women-owned businesses.  First, the National Association of Women Business Owners 2020 Women Business Owner of the Year Award sponsored by Bank of America.  Second, Professional Women’s Magazine’s Best of Small Business Awards recognizing and celebrating the BEST Small to Mid-Sized Women Business Visionaries. 

Thank you again for your support of our business and for your support in helping the children of the world avoid health complications and death from starvation.  Together, we can change the world.

Yours truly,

Ari and Sha

Arisha <3

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